Press release

Festival statement

The organizers and collaborators of Panoràmic Granollers Festival are committed with the right to decide and the free expression, conditions for culture and creativity, which are values that we push forward through our festival. With this compromise in mind we reject a sentence not fair but revanchist against political prisoners, in evidence of the democratic shortcomings of the Spanish State and its rejection of political dialogue.

We’ll inform you through our social media channels about changes in our schedule. At the moment, the general strike announced for this Friday October 18 postpones the activities of that day.

We are on the Moon in the third Edition of the Panoramic Festival

 A small step for a man, a giant leap for humankind. The phrase is attributed to Neil Armstrong, the first man who, along with Buzz Aldrin, walked over the Moon’s surface on the 20th of July of 1969. The astronauts reached the satellite boarding the Apollo 11. This year the Panoramic Festival, the most complete festival of photography, cinema and new media, focuses on the Moon analyzing and looking at it from all possible angles.


Extraordinary conferences

During the opening remarks, next Thursday October 17 at 8:30PM, photographer Joan Fontcuberta and astrophysicist Guillem Anglada-Escudé (who spearheaded the discovery of Proxima b in 2016, the exoplanet closest to Earth that humanity could potentially inhabit) will talk to us about this year concept. Under the title “Furthermost Thule: The colonization of Space” Panoramic Festival honors the images we received this 2019 of the furthermost object from the solar system ever observed. We’ll also have the opportunity of listening to Carlos González Pintado, the engineer who transmitted to the NASA of USA the confirmation of Apollo’s 11 Moon landing. González will tell us why this spatial station in Madrid was the first one to know about the lunar landing, even before President Nixon. Among other conferences, journalist Marta Roqueta will talk about feminist science fiction through Steven, a character from the series Steven Universe by Cartoon Network.


Little astronauts

This year will be the first one in which the young ones will have the opportunity to enjoy Panoramic Festival too. There’s going to be a workshop of rocket creation and another in which they’ll observe the planets Jupiter and Saturn, thanks to the Astronomical Association of Sabadell. In the Natural Sciences Museum they will learn about Cassiopeia queen and Andromeda princess, two constellations in the northern hemisphere. They will also have their own movies like A grand Day out, the lunar adventure of the funny characters made of play dough Wallace & Gromit and the company Rex Arcade will install arcade machines to play Space Invader that will for sure amuse older generations too.


Workshops and lunar exhibitions

Artists Lurdes Basolí and Alicia Kopf organized a couple of workshops to reflect upon our own emotions and images. Kopf suggests a speculative approach to ideas of intimacy and love based on the analysis of images from science fiction movies. Basolí, through the analysis of our professional or vernacular photographic archives, will make us reflect upon our photography from a more conscious standpoint, to generate a visual repertoire freed from old colonial structures reproduced ad nauseam by photojournalism. This year Panoramic Festival organized 11 exhibitions, distributed along the different spaces of the fantastic Roca Umbert Arts Factory, the visitors will also have exhibits in different cultural venues of the city like the Granollers Museum, de Natural Sciences Museum or the Edison Cinema. For the first time in Spain, there will be exhibited the personal souvenirs collection of spatial dogs of the British photographer Martin Parr. The utopian spatial program of Zambia, ideated by Cristina de Middel, a mapping inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s film: 2001: A Space’s Odissey, by artists Sílvia Isach and Roger Subirana, or the collection of  60 photography books, curated by the Italian Ilaria Campioli, with the connector of the things that we see in the sky. Moreover, artist Marcel·lí Antúnez will surprise the viewers with Transelenita, his adventure with weightlessness.


New Artists

Panoramic Festival has a firm objective of fostering the dialogue and the interrelationship between emerging talent and people with consolidated careers. For this reason, this year marks the inauguration of the Open Panoramic call, in which photographic and audiovisual projects from around the world have been submitted. 10 projects have been selected (including photographic series, videos, web projects and even videos to ideally be viewed on an Instagram story) which will received an economic compensation for being at the festival and which will be viewed by experts in the field who could eventually program those in other festivals.


Fantastic movies

12 suggestions from the celebrated Georges Méliès short movies about the Moon, to Frederic Amat’s Moon Trip, inspired by the only script ever written by Federico García Lorca, or Bart Sibrel’s movie about a conspiracy theory of the Moon landing. Edison Cinema will be premiering Apollo 11 by Todd Douglas Miller.

October 17 – 20, 2019

Projections, exhibitions and activities:
Roca Umbert Fàbrica de les Arts de Granollers
c. Enric Prat de la Riba, 77
08401 Granollers (Barcelona)

Museum of Ciències Naturals de Granollers (Exhibition Complejo Espacial de Robledo de Chavela since the 10th of november)
c. Palaudàries, 102. Jardins Antoni Jonch Cuspinera

Museum of Granollers (Exhibition Space Dogs de Martin Parr since the 10th of november)
c. Anselm Clavé, 40

Cinema Edison
c. Joan Camps, 1

*Free entrance