Open Panoramic ENG

What is it?

Open call to artists who would like to participate at Panoràmic Granollers Festival.

A meeting point to connect creators, curators, and the general public. Panoramic Granollers Festival will have a space dedicated to showcase chosen works in the official section of the festival and will engage artists with agents of the art world (curators, gallery owners, managers of art organizations, and visual arts experts from public institutions). They will share opinions, discuss the submitted works, and there may be the possibility to promote, curate, and showcase these visual creations in their institutions or on their social networks.




July 20 1969. Apolo 11’s crew set foot on the Moon for the first time. It’s the time when Neil Armstrong pronounced his celebrated phrase: That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. This year, Panoramic Granollers Festival devotes its third edition to this ephemeris and, by extension, to the exploration of the limits of our known world(s).

The starting point of this year’s festival is the concept of Ultima Thule, the snowman, the farthest, most primitive object of the solar system humans have explored. We recognize Ultima Thule thanks to the virtual image provided by the New Horizons spacecraft launched by the NASA on 2006. Experts are studying the beginnings of our planetary system thanks to this object.

Thule is also the name of the island in the Greco-Latin world considered on the northern part of our world, an untamed land, the border between our known world, a place that has inspired writers, artists, and even politicians.

Under these idea of Ultima Thule we invite artists to explore the limits of what we know and of what we ignore; the horizons of the matter and/or the thought from the domain of reality and/or fiction.

You can submit projects linked with:

  • Technological challenges and the human desire of improvement.
  • Parallelisms between space conquest and colonialism.
  • Conspiracy theories and/or fakes.
  • Symbolism linked with the moon from mythology and/or paganism among other trends.
  • The history of space conquest and how this has been explained, for example, erasing women’s role.
  • How the use of animals for the spatial exploration was normalized without a trace of moral conscience.
  • etc…



About the works submitted

  • Artists from any nationality can participate in Open Panoramic.
  • Works must be submitted in an audiovisual format with a maximum length of 15 minutes. Artists can submit webdocs that have implicitly photography and/or video as its main narrative languages.
  • Works can be based on photography, videos, texts or computer graphics, or the hybridization of all or some of these techniques. The works submitted can be documental, experimental or visual essays.
  • Works can be individual or collective
  • The authors must have full rights of the works submitted



How to participate

You can attached your works through this form:




September 15th 2019



Selection criteria

The guidelines of the commission are as follow:

  • Consistency with the concept of this year’s festival.
  • Artistic career of each participant.
  • Quality of the specific project submitted.

* Festival Panoramic team and Jesús Vilamajó, coordinator of this open call, will form the selection committee

* A maximum of 12 works will be selected



Exhibition of the works

The chosen creators will have to be present physically, or via a Skype conference, in order to be able to talk about their work and explain it to the team of cultural agents invited to this year’s festival. These professionals may program the selected works in their institutions and spaces.




The selected projects will receive 100 € each (including taxes) for the exhibition rights.



About the rights

Submitted works are property of their authors who will give up the showing and reproduction rights, with the objective of the festival’s diffusion and promotion, be it via Internet, press, media and/or any other promotional material during the Festival’s duration (17 – 20 October 2019).

If any of the works submitted is protected by the society of authors and editors of a specific country and has some kind of restriction to its public diffusion this will have to be explicitly communicated on the right section of the submission form.



Accepting the requirements

The Festival’s organization reserves its right to determine in the way they deem opportune any aspect not expected on these guidelines. In case of insurmountable obstacles with a selected work or a selected artist, the festival reserves its right to retire the work from Panoramic 2019 programming. The participation in this open call entails the acceptance of these guidelines.