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* Panoramic Festival: Photography, movies, and new media languages

* October 17 – 20, 2019 at Roca Umbert Fàbrica de les Arts

* Organized by Grisart International School of Photography

* Promoted by Roca Umbert Fàbrica de les Arts

* Press opening: Thursday October 17 at 5PM by Joan Fontcuberta at Roca Umbert Fàbrica de les Arts, Granollers. General Opening: Same Thursday October 17 at 7PM.

* Granollers is located 30 minutes away from Barcelona using public transportation (Rodalies R2 with stops at Barcelona Sants, Passeig de Gràcia, Estació de França, El Clot – Aragó i Sant Andreu Comtal)

*Hashtags 2019: #panoramicgranollers, #lluna, #bepanoramic,   #panoramic2019, #ultimathule

*Panoramic website: Panoramic Granollers, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.


ÚLTIMA THULE (farthermost Thule)

Space colonization

As Neil Armstrong said: That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind. On this third edition of Panoramic Festival we are focusing on the moon as this year 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the landing of the first men on the moon on July 20th 1969.

Ultima Thule is the farthest, most primitive object of the solar system humans have explored. The New Horizons spacecraft was launched by the NASA on 2006 and is capturing images of Ultima Thule that will help study the beginnings of our planetary system 4.500 million years ago. New Horizons is expected to be in space until mid 2030 and it might explore another object on the Kuiper belt during this time.

In a moment of terrestrial hyper connectivity, Festival Panoramic leaves the Earth to contemplate the space.  

The firmament is one of the first excuses for fiction, to dream, to lucubrate about its meaning. Humans look up and imagine the universe. We explore, take pictures, and shoot adventures on it.

The moon dazes poets, conspirators, conquerors and animists. African Astronauts? Amazons on the moon? Yes and much more.

No other entity unites and fascinates equally scientists, artists, and fabulists.


Granollers goes to the Moon

On this 3rd edition Panoramic Festival immerses itself on the cultural network of Granollers city. Besides the exceptional headquarters of the festival, Roca Umbert Fàbrica de les Arts, we will also have activities and exhibitions at Cinema Edison, Museu de Ciències Naturals, and Museu de Granollers. Likewise, we will collaborate with the Audiovisual Market of Catalonia (MAC). Students from Granollers will also visit Panoramic through the educational program spearheaded by Associació l’Eixida. Like in precedent years, Panoramic Festival will count with the collaboration of VOTV, the local TV station.


Confirmed works and artists Panoramic 2019


The Afronauts, Cristina de Middel

On 1964, still euphoric for its recent independence, Zambia launched its first spatial program. The objective was to send 12 astronauts and 10 cats to the moon, surpassing the USA and the Soviet Union challenge in the midst of their spatial mission.

Only a few optimistic backed the ambitious initiative of Edward Makuka, a Zambian high school teacher, who was commanding the project.

Money never arrived, the United Nations denied their assistance and one of the astronauts, a 16 years old girl, got pregnant and had to abandon the mission. This is how the heroic initiative became an exotic episode of African history, surrounded by wars, violence, famine, and aridness.

“The Afronauts” is based on the documentation of an impossible dream that only lives on images. Based on this 50 years old incredible but true story, Cristina de Middel restored the scenes that could have documented the mission and reinforces its veracity adding to it her personal view and imagination.


Transpermia, Marcel·lí Antúnez

Transpermia is a project by Marcel·lí Antúnez, one of the founders of La Fura dels Baus, and one of the most influential artists working on mechatronic performance, robotic installations, and digital technologies. At la Tèrmica, space in Roca Umbert Fàbrica de les Arts, visitors will enjoy an adaptation of this project as an installation site specific.

On 2003 Antúnez realized 25 parabolas during the course of two parabolic flights completed at the known as “city of stars”, 50km away from Moscow, Russia. The program was supported by the UK organization Arts Catalyst which invited several artists to experiment gravity zero by themselves. Transpermia was the project Antúnez executed after the experience.

Transpermia (Panspermia) theory states that life on Earth comes from Space, originates in the Solar System, and spread to the Earth through spores on the meteors.


Domestica, Ruben Torras

Domestica is a series of photomontages with a clear spatial aesthetic done with electrical appliances and electronic gadgets. Torras aim is to reflect upon the idea of consumer goods: Electrical appliances, electronics, recycling (also recycling of images used for advertising), planned obsolescence, etc. Science fiction aesthetics imbues the whole project, and tries to tell us that nowadays, design on products prevails and is more important than its functionality or our actual need for these items.  Ruben Torras produced this project during his residency at Roca Umbert in 2017.


Moon Project, an exhibition curated by Andrés Hispano i Fèlix Pérez-Hita

The images in the exhibit embrace the whole lunar collective imagination: Designs of the Moon throughout history, paintings, scientific sketches, photography, photograms, etc.

In this exhibition, curators Hispano and Pérez-Hita, will select and showcase illustrations, advertising, visuals (decoration, logotypes, etc.) art, scientific illustration, photography and divagations like the “lunar landscape”, found in pictures of wrinkled skin, a bombarded desert, or a dusty floor.

Festival Panoràmic 2019 will produce this showing.


Space race to the Moon from Spanish Spatial Complex of Robledo de Chavela, Ayuntamiento de Robledo de Chavela, Madrid

This municipality has been associated with the spatial exploration since 1964 because of their station: Madrid Deep Space Communications Complex. The people in charge perform meritorious technical, scientific, and divulgation tasks. The exhibition will be showing 61 NASA pictures from collector Juan Luís Franco Mercado.


Space Invader Panoràmic by Rex Arcade – Videogames exhibit

Spacewar! Born in the Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT) marks the origin of videogames back in 1961. Since the early 70’s, through Arcade machines, everybody could enjoy the game were two space shuttles compete. The gadgets were inspired by the contemporary spatial race during the Cold War.

The era of killing aliens was born in the seventies with games like Galaxy or Computer Space. On 1978 the game Space Invaders made us kill multiple enemies that descended from the upper part of the screen faster and faster. The game sure sharped our attention. These aliens from Space Invaders were inspired by H. G. Wells book: The War of the Worlds.

On the following decades videogames got more sophisticated and aliens and space became the collective memory of a whole epoch and generation.

This year at Panoramic Festival we will have some of the legendary machines to kill aliens thanks to the friends at Rex Arcade. We’ll look back to this extra planetary iconography, today a classic.


“Era rusa y se llamaba Laika”, Joan Fontcuberta

The photographer Joan Fontcuberta will revisit his 2009 pseudo-documentary. On this film we discover the story of Laika, the dog who flew to the space on spaceship Sputnik 2. Fontcuberta parodies the work of tricksters, narrating like Iker Jímenez (the charismatic host of Cuarto Milenio’s TV show) with references to Juan José Benítez and Fernando Jiménez del Oso documentaries. It is a hilarious documentary. The film blends truth, lies, jokes, and speculations around Laika’s story.


Panoràmic Orbit

  • Mites i màscares. L’univers creatiu d’Albert Serra a través de les fotografies de Román Yñán a coproduction between the photographer and Panoramic Festival 2017, during which Román Iñán got a grant from the Fundació Lluís Coromina. Now, the exhibition has become the opening show of the new espai Isern Dalmau (C/ Mallorca, 305, Local 2, Barcelona) of the Fundació Lluís Coromina. The space Isern Dalmau will be a hybrid between a gallery and a cultural and social co-working space. The exhibition will open its doors on April 2nd at 7:30PM and will be on view until May 2nd 2019.
  • “Revolutionary ArKive: The eye Machine is Watching. Imaginando los archivos visuales del futuro” artist Pilar Rosado will be talking about her project, coproduced with Panoramic Festival 2018, in which she urges us to watch, understand, and get closer to images of revolution and violence. Rosado used 14.000 images from the Granollers City Archive and Google and with an informatics program, she generated codes that identified and connected the different images in a new –and possibly futuristic- way. Wednesday March 27 at 6:30PM at Virreina Centre de la Imatge during the talks Archivos de Media Art, Colecciones de Mediaart Catalunya.
  • Festival de Fotografia Europea Reggio Emiliathanks to an agreement of cooperation and recognition between both festivals, on April, Panoramic Festival will be showcased in Italy on the European Photography Festival in Reggio Emilia. The Festival of Fotografia Europea will be on view until June 9, 2019.


During the following weeks we will be updating you with more information on the artists, the works, and the activities of this year’s Panoramic Festival.  

For more information you can write or call Laura Calçada i Barres, our press and communications officer.

Email address for Journalists: / General:

Cellphone, WhatsApp: +34 666 75 65 88

Instagram: @panoramicfestival


Panoràmic Team 2019

Advisory Committee: Joan Fontcuberta, Alba G. Torrents, Andrés Hispano i  Fèlix Pérez-Hita

Management Team: Fidel Balaguer, Laia Casanova, Joan Fontcuberta i Albert Gusi

Press and Communications Officer: Laura Calçada i Barres

Photographer and Social Media Manager: Cami Marinone

Production: Chiara Fabro

Graphic Design: Estudi Lluís Torres

Web Developer: Marc Pi

Educational Team: Associació l’Eixida

October 17 – 20, 2019

Projections, exhibitions and activities:
Roca Umbert Fàbrica de les Arts de Granollers
c. Enric Prat de la Riba, 77
08401 Granollers (Barcelona)

*Free entrance

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