Anna Galí – Time on Quaaludes and Red Wine

Dates: October 15 to November 8, 2020..
Opening hours:Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 6pm to 8pm. Sunday, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m
Location: Dents de Serra – Roca Umbert
Guided visit: Sunday 25 October at 12pm


“After an unexpected death of my son in March 2017, when he was 18, due to overdose, and thanks to the new digital legacy and tracks we all leave these days, I discovered a part of him that

I didn’t know and that he hid behind his exceptional normality: someone who searched, using medicines and drugs, a way out of his pain and discomfort in the world and who shared this intimate and secret part of him in the internet and social network. For his generation images have become a communicative act inserted in that digital “parallel universe”, internet, where they unload the story of their lives, desires, worries or frustrations. Using different sources and languages (images and texts appropriation, family archive, personal documents, images of own authorship…) ToQaRW addresses issues such as the creation of identity in adolescence, family relationships, how sometimes we don’t get to know the deepest desires and worries of our loved people, addictions, death and grief, or the duality between the identity we show and our digital/virtual identity. ToQaRW is an essential part of my mournig process and my reconciliation with him, but as well it’s a way of let him tell us about his own story himself, in which his peers can see themselves identified in many aspects.”


Anna Galí [Girona, Spain, 1968] approached photography in her childhood thanks to the dark room that her brothers set up in the family home garage, and she started using photography as a means of documentation and expression as a teenager. Later she decided to develop her self-taught formation in photography carrying out multiple courses and workshops on projects creation. With an academic background in Mathematics, at present she’s combining teaching with a professional activity in architecture and interior photography and with the development of personal photographic projects. She’s interested in how the relationship between photography and memory-identity is changing in the current context with the massive use of the internet and social network, in the close relationship between photography and text as two means of expression and how the potencial is multiplied when using both of them, and in photography as a means of personal and, therefore, social transformation. After Ghosts of Comala, a small work of visual interpretation of the world of Juan Rulfo in “Pedro Páramo” arising from a comissioned work, Time on Quaaludes and Red Wine is her first project born with a clear intention, and it has been exhibited and awarded in photo festivals such Voies Off Arles, Images Vevey Awards or BlowUp Press Book Award.