The festival, for its new edition, focuses on the concept of public and published intimacies, on the secrecy and privacy of images publicly shown. The title of this year, Extimitat, already gives us some coordinates on what will be the visual narrative. The word extim appears for the first time, on an Albert Thibaudet’s text, in 1923, but only in 1969 the psychiatrist and psicoanalista Jacques Lacan uses it, during one of his seminaries. Today, the intensive use of medias and the need to display intimacy, to such a degree that misses its privacy and becomes public, highlight this concept. According to psychologists, the habit of publishing visually, what until now was locked in our most intimate and private rooms, leads to a change, in our images and relationships, where everything ceases to be harmless. 

It is clear that cinema and photography shaped many fields of our society, from entertainment to science and communications. Today, thought, they have a greater impact, by entering people’s private lives and becoming decisive social tool.

The boundaries between public and private are blurring from inside out. We are witness of a shared intimacy, spreading along with both enthusiasm and society’s fear, for being sold and guarded through the same channels. 

These will be the new Panoramic’s theme.