Dates: From October 15 to November 8, 2020.
Opening Hours: Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 6pm to 8pm. Sunday, from 11am to 1pm.
Location: Dents de Serra – Roca Umbert.
Guided visit: Sunday, October 25, 12pm 


Transitional is a personal project that reflects on the grieving process and the transition between its different stages. A look at how the absence of a loved one affects the domestic space and how that space becomes a metaphor for the internal emotional space; as one is transformed the other responds. It is this connection between these two intimate spaces that the project explores. A project that comes from a need to deal with a personal traumatic experience, but which at the same time invites the viewer to enter into this intimate world and look for a sense of equanimity with their own experiences and emotions. Confronting a wardrobe full of a loved one’s clothes and being capable of accepting the transformation of that space is a metaphor for our capacity to confront pain and transform it into something else. This work reflects that process.


Jacqui Barrowcliffe [London, UK, 1974] has lived and worked in Barcelona for 20 years. A Fine Arts graduate (Middlesex University, London), after a long period working in other sectors, the unexpected death of her husband leads her to decide to turn her life around and return to her artistic roots. She subsequently trains in Therapeutic Photography (Grisart International Photography School, Barcelona) and Art Therapy (Metáfora Center of Art Therapy Studies, Barcelona), and begins to develop different personal projects. Working across various disciplines, but mainly photography and installation, her work focuses above all on the relationship between our internal and external worlds, appropriating the domestic environment and the details of everyday life for the construction of a narrative that stands somewhere halfway between public and private.
She has exhibited her project Transitional at the Photogenic festival and in The Projector series at Foto Colectania and will shortly begin a residency at Roca Umbert Arts Centre. She currently combines her artistic practice with translation work.