Dates: From October 15 to November 29, 2020.
Opening hours: Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 6pm to 8pm. Sunday, from 11am to 1pm.
Location: Roca Umbert – Espai d’Arts
Guided visit: Saturday, November 21, at 12.
Screenings: Sunday, November 8 at 7pm. 11 am
Screening of Las Muertes Chiquitas I
Screening of Las Muertes Chiquitas II


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Orgasmic pluralities

Orgasms, like fields, belong to those who work with them, is the phrase that emerges from the various voices involved in the project of Mireia Sallarès. It began in 2006 as a four years journey through different States of the Mexican Republic, accompanied by her camera and a bright neon sign saying: Las muertes chiquitas.

The land – in this case, the Mexican one -, under the more or less obvious surface of the reality, is the deposit of the subjectivities and the roots, the conflicts and the desires. Orgasms – in this case, female ones -, shared or solitary, cathartic or frustrated, represent a possible starting point for establishing links between the public and private, between the erotic and the political. The intimate aspect of sexuality bursts into the space of public pleasure, or rather, of eroticism constructed by various mechanisms of ideological, religious, cultural trade and control. Faced with the current system – as Las muertes chiquitas makes clear – the land, the body and the pleasure involved in its construction, demand the right to participate in an active, reflective and inclusive way.

Helena Braunštajn



Mireia Sallarès [Barcelona, ​​Spain, 1973] is a visual artist living between Barcelona and other foreign cities in which she develops her projects. The condition of alienation is fundamental in her works being the result of long research on essential topics such as violence, death, sex, legality, truth, love or work. Her latest project Kao malo vode na dlanu, an investigation about the meaning of love in Serbia, which is part of his still unfinished Trilogy of waste concepts (truth, love and work), which has received the City of Barcelona Award for Visual Arts 2019 and the ACCA 2019 award. She participated in the exhibition Feminisms! at the CCCB, with her most internationally recognized project, Las Muertes Chiquitas.

Her work has been presented at the CCCB, the MACBA, the Fundació Miró, the Santa Mònica Art Center, La Capella, Fabra i Coats Art Center, the CA Tarragona; ARCO, to the circle of Fine Arts of Madrid, to the Museum Carrillo Gil of Mexico, to the Anthology Film Archives, to the New York University of New York, to the Facets of Chicago; at the OK Centrum in Linz, Austria; at the Gallery Image in Arhus, Denmark; at the Center for Contemporary Art in Glasgow, Scotland; to the Nelson Garrido Organization in Caracas, Venezuela; to the Museum of Modern Art in Puerto Rico, to the SKC in Belgrade, Serbia, to the Museum of Modern Art in Moscow, to the TEA in Tenerife, among others.