Dates: From October 15 to November 1, 2020.
Opening Hours: Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 6pm to 8pm. Sunday, from 11am to 1pm.
Location: Roca Umbert



The lock down experienced this year has been transformed into a moment of pure extimacy where the internal became external, due to the massive use of new technlogies and social networks. The lock down was a time when the use of the Internet expanded the limits of privacy and users shared their lives, fading the boundaries between what is public and what is private. We are witnessing, in other words, a shared intimacy, a collective voyeurism, an aesthetic in search of the most revealing, indiscreet and exhibitionist aspect. In this framework, Panoramic invited people from all over the world to participate in an open call launched on Instagram and, during the festival, a selection of these indiscreet images will be shown in the streets of Roca Umbert.

Those selected are:

Carla Bark
Adrià Romero
Andrea Tejeda
Daniela Olave
Francesca Ceccotti
Jean-Matthieu Gosselin
Jean Luis Sanz Herruzo
Maria Doce Capeáns
Maria Paton
Mariana Medeiros
Rita Isabel Soares
Gema Polanco
Lluís Agea
Enric Sirera



Marina Gomà
Carla Oset
Nuria Rosello Vidal
Leticia Zica
Emili Argemí
Carlos Llonch Molina
Irina Gual González
Emma Navarro
David Morella
Paloma Bercovich
Juan José Todolí Signes
Shivkumar KV
Helena Travesset
Rosa Alonso Garcia
Belen Atienza Molina

© Juan Luis Sanz Herruzo