Dates: From October 15 to November 1, 2020.
Opening Hours: Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 6pm to 8pm. Sunday, from 11am to 1pm.
Location: Dents de Serra – Roca Umbert


An exhibition created along with the complicity of publishing companies from all over the world. The Festival launched a call addressed to more than 120 publishers asking to research authors and projects that could fit within the concept of Extimacy. The full complicity and enthusiasm of  publishing houses make them the ones suggesting all books part of this exhibition.


All stories have three points of view: mine, yours, and the truth. And no one lies.
Robert Evans

Extimacy and other disasters.

I am. I am this photograph. But come to think of it, I don’t know if I’m showing myself or hiding. Maybe I should say, I’m all that is left out of these photobooks. The construction of our identity is a reflection of a fragmented mirage, some of its parts defined by what others see, or by what we let others seeing. We are this something between the fiction we decide to show and the reality that others imagine behind it. We are the ones who have the decision-making power to transform ourselves knowing that we are being observed. Our intimacy has disappeared to become visible. Hidden intimacy. Extimacy shown. The external projection of an intimacy that is built right in the process of expulsion from inside out. In the exposition of this exile, we see in the other what we really are: a sway of echoes traveling through the light.

Anna Bayó Duran

© Indrè Urbonaité – State of Shame



Akihiro Yoshida, Une Double Absence, Xavier Barral, France, 2019

Claudia Hans, Silent Songs, RM Editorial, Spain, 2018

Claudia Herrán, He sentido arrepentiomeinto por haber querido tanto, Self-published, 2019

Cristiano Volk, Sinking Stone, Witty Books, Italia, 2018

Eneka Fernandez, Terra-Nova, Self- published, 2017

Henrique Carneiro, Luciara, Editora Madalena, Brasil, 2018

Hiro Tanaka, Chicharron, Witty Books, Italia, 2018

Indrè Urbonaité, State of Shame, Self-published, 2020

Isabelle Evertse, Anthropoides Paradiseus, A-Jump Books, 2016

Johan Sundgren, I lampans sken / By lamplight, Journal, Sweden, 2012

Kent Klich, Picture Imperfect, Journal, Sweden, 2006

Laia Abril, On Abortion, Dewi Lewis Publishing, UK, 2018

Larry Clark, Tulsa, Grove Atlantic, US, 2000

Larry Sultan, Pictures From Home, Mack Books, UK, 2017

Lukas Birk, The Penis & Vagina Selfie Book  2.0, Self-published, 2019

Marco Marzocchi, Oyster, Void, Elláda, 2019

Märta Thisner, Drunk in love, Journal, Sweden 2019

Max Pinckers, Margins Of Excess, Self-published, 2018

Michele Tagliaferri, A Swimming Pool, Dalpine, España, 2019

M L Casteel, American Interiors, Dewi Lewis Publishing, UK, 2018

Nan Goldin, The Ballad Of Sexual Dependency, Aperture, US, 2012

Nancy Borowick, The Family Imprint, Hadje Cantz, Deutschland, 2017

Ofer Wolberger, Billie, Skinnerboox, Italia, 2017

Olivier Degorce, Fridge-Food-Soul, Patrick Frey, Switzerland, 2018

Peter de Ru, Sven, Journal, Sweden, 2008

POV, Païen, France, 2016

S. Overzee & A. Butterworth, The Narratee, Self-published, 2017.

Susanne Otterberg, Resort, Journal, Sweden 2018

Tiane Doan na Champassak, Toys for sale, RVB Books, France, 2014

Tina Enghoff, Possible Relatives / Eventuella anhöriga, Journal, Sweden, 2004

Visvaldas Morkevičius, The Public Secrets, Self-published, 2015.

Ylva Sundgren, Inga kan älska som vi / No one can love like we do, Journal, Sweden, 2010

Yvonne Venegas, María Elvia de Hank, RM Editorial, España, 2010