Carles Barba Masagué, or Carles Barba, (Terrassa 1923 – 2020), businessman and documentary film director with a particular and scathing vision of the Catalonia he lived through. The Larra of our amateur cinema, our modest “poor talker” armed with a camera. Marguerite Duras was one of the first in the world of cinema to use the word “professional” pejoratively. She spoke of the superficial, futile, sterilely luxurious cinema of the professionals, and said: “My cinema cannot cross the border of the professionals. Neither can yours cross mine. “

In Wikipedia his name is Barba, we think that rightly: “His scripts exude a bittersweet humor and go beyond what was allowed, with some ambiguity, presenting the two most opposite faces of the social morality of that time. He confesses that sometimes he has been cruel in his approaches. “

Barba also said that the thing that gave him more to work on was the text, the comments 

of the images that he took home after his urban hunting trips, as a curious and traditional filmmaker.

Among other awards, he twice won the City of Barcelona Award, with the films Primera Copa del Mundo Barcelona (1971) y Aspectos y Personajes de Barcelona (1964).