Ferenc Rofusz


The festival shows in its official Panoramic Kids section: The Fly [1981].

Ferenc Rofusz is an internationally recognized director of animation films he has been distinguished with numerous international awards for his accomplishments.  Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1946, he began his career in animation as an assistant director in 1968 at Pannonia Studios in Budapest. He was the recipient of the 1981 OSCAR (Academy Award) for writing, directing and producing the animated short film, “The Fly.” He became director for animation films in 1981, in 1984 he left for West Germany where he designed several animated TV series. In 1988 he moved to Canada where he worked for Nelvana Ltd. an animation company in Toronto.  In 1991 he established  Super Fly Films Inc. his own animation company. As the Creative Director (Super Fly Films Inc.) produced more than sixty commercials and several animation projects using both traditional and computer / digital animation techniques. Since 2001 he lives in Budapest. Involved in teaching, and working on numerous ideas / projects both unconventional and on animated series as well. His lifetime achievement was awarded in 2011 with Hungary’s highest and most prestigious KOSSUTH AWARD.