Maria José Ribas


She is part of OPEN PANORÀMIC 2020 with the project Seismographical.

Visual artist, she works from the still or moving image, increasingly interested in installation and sculpture. She develops projects from research or narration, and according to her own process are formalized in various formats and supports. After graduating in Fine Arts from Barcelona University in 2006, she became interested in public space, taking a postgraduate course in Design, Art and Society at Elisava Pompeu Fabra Barcelona in 2008. She continued a more theoretical training with a Masters in Artistic Productions and Research, and the first doctoral courses at the University of Barcelona. Since 2003 he has participated in exhibitions and festivals in public and private spaces in Spain, Portugal, France, Serbia, Bulgaria, Germany, United Kingdom or Colombia. Some of his video pieces have been recently projected in the Frac Corse, in Corsica, in the Festival Video Vortex 12 in the Spazju Kreattiv in Malta or in the Centro Cultural Las Cigarreras, in Alicante.