Núria López Torres


She is part of OPEN PANORÀMIC 2020 with the project Muxes.

She studied at the Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia and later a master’s degree in photojournalism at the School of Graphic IDEP Barcelona and a specialization in portrait. She focuses on topics related to the world of women, identities and violence. She tackles issues from social anthropology, turning some of her works into photographic essays. Today combines the development of their personal documentary projects with collaboration as a freelance photographer in different publications and teaching in specialized centers photography. Her works have been published in El País Semanal, Interviú, Marie Claire, Yo Dona, El Periódico, Zazpika, XL Semanal, La Vanguradia, Mujer Hoy, Esquire Latin America, GQ, Internazionale, GEO, The Caravan, Le Monde, CNN, The Sunday Business Post, NewsWeek Japan, Terra Mater, The Guardian, Al-Jazeera, The Washintong Post among others. Nuria is author of the book “Sex and Revolution in Cuba”.

Exhibitions: Museum of America in Madrid, London Photo Festival, WhiteBox Gallery Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Valid Photo Gallery – Barcelona, Hardcore Art Gellery in Miami, Cultural Centre of Spain in Lima (Peru), Spanish Cooperation Centre – Guatemala, Cultural Centre of Spain (Paraguay), Rojas Cultural Centre – Buenos Aires (Argentina), Museum of Fine Arts of Castelló de la Plana (Spain). MAC Ibirapuera Museum – Sao Paulo (Brazil). Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid (Spain), Espai Fotogràfic (Barcelona) Català Roca (Barcelona), City of Beziers (France), Josep Comaposada Foundation (Barcelona) Dolfield Festival in Barcelona. Her work is in the America Museum Collection, Visible Collection of Contemporary Art, the Foundation Isonomía University Jaume I of Castelló Collection, and the private collection of different art collectors.

Nuria is represented by art gallery ArtSpace in Mexico