What is Open Panoràmic ?

Open Panoràmic is a call addressed to everyone worldwide who wants to take part in Festival Panoramic 2020. It is a meeting point generating interactions between creators, curators and audience.

Panoràmic is the meeting point where all selected creators will show their work to a group of selected art world agents (such as curators, gallery owners, art centers and festivals directors or visual art specialists from public institutions). They will exchange views with the aim of promoting and supporting the artists’ audiovisual creations through their networks or institutions.


In its fifth edition, Panoràmic develops the concepts of uncertainty, chance and prediction.

Unprotected from the phenomena of nature and the facts of history, humanity has always tried to predict the future, by considering repeating structures or unique, unpredictable events. Uncertainty, however, crosses all areas of life and knowledge and, from it, recalls aspects such as risk, predictions, forecasts or chance. In fact, art has always moved in the territory of uncertainty, challenging the representation of reality, projecting possible futures and escaping the determinism of absolute truths. The fascination for chance, voluntary and unpredictable at the same time, has always had a place in the creative process. In this context, chance meets the real, not to reveal its meaning but to challenge the norms conditioning its perception and to set a starting point, to reset. Today, the volume, speed and diversity provided by massive data (big data) inaugurate a new scenario to foreseen the future and be able to modify it.

About the works 

Artists of all nationalities can apply.
Works will be presented in audiovisual format with a maximum duration of 15 minutes. Webdocs are admitted if photography and/or video is the main narrative languages implicitly.
Works may be based on photographs, videos, texts or infographics, or the hybridization the mentioned techniques. They may be a documentary, experimental or visual assay.
The works can be a collective or individual creation.
The authors must hold the rights of the submitted work.

Selection process

The evaluation criteria of the commission will be:

Connection with the theme.
Artistic trajectory.
Quality of the project.

* The commission is composed by Panoràmic Festival team.
* A maximum of 12 works will be selected.

Works’ exhibition

Selected projects are going to be presented at Santa Mònica Art Center in Barcelona during the Festival and the portfolio review will take place the 12th of November, between 9.30am and 3pm (GMT +1).

Selected creators must be present at the event, either physically or virtually through a live connection via Skype, in order to present their work to the agents invited at the Festival. These agents could schedule the works in their exhibition spaces.

Selected projects will also be exhibited by other Festivals, partners of Panoràmic, during their 2021 editions.


Exhibition rights

Selected projects will receive the amount of € 100 each (taxes not included), for exhibition rights.

About rights

Projects are property of their authors, who will assign the rights of exhibition, reproduction and dissemination during the Festival days for promotion, either via Internet, press, audiovisual media and / or any other promotional material. If any of the works is under the protection of the general society of authors, of any country, or has any kind of restriction regarding public broadcasting, it must be explicitly stated in the corresponding section of the application form.

Acceptance of the rules

The festival has the right to resolve appropriately any aspect not foreseen by these rules. In case of an insurmountable disagreement with any selected work or author, the festival has the right to remove the work from its program. Participation to the call means acceptance of these rules.


How to apply

Submit your project by using this form:

Application deadline

May 31, 2021 at 11:59 pm.