In its fifth edition, Panoràmic focus on the concepts of uncertainty, chance and prediction. Artistic creation has always moved in the realm of uncertainty, challenging the representation of reality, projecting possible futures and escaping the determinism of the absolute truth.

Can you take a picture of uncertainty? What is the image of chance? Visually, how can you represent a prediction? We invite you to interpret the above mentioned concepts of uncertainty, chance and prediction, along with all those circumstances fitting the theme of this year edition, and to share your photographs or micro videos, by using the hashtag #panoramicrandom.

Attention, Panoràmic invites you to participate in a very uncertain call … we invite you to imagine, create, document and elaborate images or testimonies of uncertainty, of random situations and of all predictions that you could make or be subjected to. 


  • Anyone over 18 can participate. 
  • There is no limit to the number of pictures that can be submitted. Images can be still and/or moving (maximum duration 30 sec). 
  • The images must have been taken within March 15th to August 30th, 2021. 
  • Participants will be able to participate by posting the image on Instagram via story or IGTV and tagging the festival www.instagram.com/panoramicfestival/
  • The image must include the hashtag: #panoramicrandom
  • This call accepts all types of images, made with all kind of instruments: like conventional cameras, tablets, smartphones, webcam, scanner, computer …



Images can be submitted from March 15th to August 30, 2021.


The 10 images with the highest number of likes and/or reproductions will receive a 5-tickets Filmin voucher. 

The winners’ names will be published on the festival website and communications will be given through Panoràmic’s social channels. 

About rights

Festival Panoràmic, as organizer and promoter of this call, may use the images for the sole purpose of promoting and it may reproduce, distribute and communicate publicly, in and by any means, the images presented, at national and international level. 

Participants are responsible for all charges that may result from the use or disclosure of their images and from those that may arise from any actions, claims or conflicts, in particular but not exclusively, those relating to the possible infringement of  intellectual or industrial property rights of third parties, or in cases of interference with the rights to honor, personal privacy and image. In the event of such charges, participants must notify the organization by sending an email to contacte@panoramicgranollers.cat.

Acceptance of the rules

The festival has the right to resolve appropriately any aspect not foreseen by these rules. In case of an insurmountable disagreement with any of the selected works or authors, the festival has the right to remove the work from its program. Participation to the call means acceptance of these rules.

More info:

For any doubt or more info, please send us an email to: contacte@panoramicgranollers.cat