Open Panoràmic

El escalador de panoramas

A project by Miguel Ángel Moreno

This project is a four-year experience where I travel by hand through different cities and countries in Europe to document miniature city parks, creating an analysis of such enclosures or panoptics. The concept of the staircase as well as that of the panoramaare deciphering their functionality as well as the geopolitical objectives that led to their construction and how these have been in the consciousnessof those who have visited this landscape since childhood as a very curious way to consume it. The audiovisual project combines video fragments of the sculptural piece (Europa carambola) with the photographs themselves that are part of the project, in which a connection is observed. being this sculpture a kind of travel notebook of this experience, where I, I try to “unclog” these new panoramas of this, the society of the show.