Open Panoràmic

Las flores mueren dos veces

A project by Cristóbal Ascencio

Description of the work: “Flowers die twice” is about a reconciliation. My father, Margarito, was a gardener and he died when I was 15 years old. 15 years later,éI learned that his death had been a suicideandthat’s when he died a second time. In his letter he wrote about plants and said goodbye saying: Forgive me and contact me. Taking as a referencetheplansof thelast garden my father worked on and the plants he planted and are still alive, I use photogrammetry to make a digital garden that establishes a dialoguebetween photography, memory, the digital world and the organic. The project beganas a photographic series, and has become a Virtual Reality experience. The user takes a trip through memory,fragmented thoughtsand the different possible versions of reality that arise from a change in the course of personal history.