Open call for national creators working with audiovisual capsules to participate in the festival Panoràmic Granollers

This call is articulated as a meeting point from which a network of interaction between creators, programmers and the public is generated.

This relational space of the Panoramic allows the creators, selected by the festival team, to show their work in the official section. The festival also invites various agents from the art world (curators, gallery owners, directors of art centers or visual arts technicians from public or private institutions) to exchange views with the aim of promoting and disseminating , where applicable, the audiovisual creations of these artists through their networks or institutions.

This edition of the Panoramic Open will be coordinated by curator Pilar Cruz.


Panoràmic Granollers is a “film, photography and more” festival that explores the relationship between cinema and photography, and promotes and encourages research into new languages and audiovisual narratives. Each edition reflects on a theme through the image.
This will be the sixth edition of the festival and the theme is linked to the concept “The fourth landscape”.
We understand the first landscape as the one presented before our eyes, properly framed (window, frame or screen) and habitat, that is, possessed and walked. The second landscape would be the colonial, idealized, exotic, the discovered as ‘nature’ in distant lands after having ‘ordered’ and humiliated ours, the civilized. We no longer see what lies ahead, but an idealization of it. The third landscape is what, here or there, is not profitable: it is neither an orchard, nor a habitat nor a ‘landscape’ where to look. An indefinite territory without symbolic capacity, is a space of emptiness, traffic and fleeting realities (markets, events, fairs).
The fourth landscape would be the one that has been supplanted. These would be spaces devastated (by human action or catastrophes), artificial, recreated (Theme Parks, Dioramas) or iconized until their dissolution as reality (tourist postcard), video games, virtual environments. ..

We call on creators working on the idea of a fourth landscape from the most diverse perspectives: ecology, nature, scientific research, pets, the food industry, animal abuse, and so on. but also metaverses and / or virtual recreations.

Economic endowment
1.000 €

May 30, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.