Open Panoràmic

Orientar-se en la foscor més absoluta

A project by Núria Nia

Projection _, so stereo binaural, loop. Audiovisual essay that goes through the experiencehuman ability to recreate the image of nature: from the propium mental image to observational or scientific image with a key starting point: orient yourself in the dark miss absolute. In this fictional darkness appears the ghost of the impending cabbage·environmental and social lapse for which multiples visions científicas, tools tecnològics and intel·ligandArtificial nces seem to have the answer and yetò, accumulationsor of seemingly infinite options ultimately creates disorientation major in front of pandrdua of future perspective. A 3D animated human figure takes us throughis from a first-person narrative that puts of manifest in half̈Rgization human on Earth in the face of utilizationó of espandcies like the bat in creation of 3D environments, despite evolutionor of the metaverses directly affects the depopulation of bats on Earth.