Residencia De Investigación Sobre Concepto De Paisaje

Paisatges Expandits is a project born from the collaboration of three art centers located in the Euroregion that share the aim of promoting residencies of artistic research, experimentation and the creation of contemporary art around the concept of landscape. expanded.

The Casa Planas Center for Research and Contemporary Culture, 3C Calce Culture Contemporaine and Roca Umbert Arts Factory are dedicated to promoting the visual arts, contributing to the imagination and the collective construction of cultural identity of the European territory especially the area of the Euroregion.

The mission of the project is to encourage innovative reflection on the landscape, the territory, the image, the Green Deal and its socio-cultural relationship.

The concepts of traffic, territorial connection, biology, historical transformation and analysis of the present through the consumption, exploitation, conservation and promotion of the landscape will be explored.

4.000 €

Itinerant residence in 3 locations
Mallorca, Occitània and Catalunya

from April to October 2022

March 15, 2022

More information // 971 966 751