Open Panoràmic

Still Feels Cold but Burns Like Lava

A project by Pedro Torres

The work approaches from two registers, visual and poetic, the Vatnaj ö glaciereach (Iceland). When exploring this glacier with the view satè lite of GoogleMaps, I discover that the image begins çaa to decompose and to break when one gets too close. I build the ví deo from the screenshots of this break in the image, to account for this glacier-mes-that-object whose immensity makes it unlearnable, ungovernable, and heterogeneous. The text, on the other hand, It is a poem that tries to address the glacier through language, as a way of rooting, sprouting and unfolding in the territory from a mores incarnate. The ilThe technical anthropogenic use of the possibility of measuring the planet in terms of figures, resources and data is questioned here and , instead, the piece urges us to a more intimate and complex relationship with our environment, as well as a revisionof our spatio -temporal coordinates.