Open Panoràmic

Una peli en una foto

A project by Francesca Svampa

“A movie in a pic”is a set of micro-films that are born asa game on howto make artisanal analog cinema witha minimum budget and maximum diffusion.

This game has two rules:

  1. 1. each film has to be created with a single image: the one from the hand developed medium format negative (120mm)
  2. 2.each film has a maximum duration of 59 seconds

Any other intervention or manipulation, analog or digital,is allowed, it is even necessaryif we consider thata short digital film iscreated from a negative (material object).

Hesent 3films that reflect from differentperspectives on “fourth landscape” and form a triptych whose original photo was taken in Havana (Cuba).

The exhibition includes the negative, the positiveimpression and the projection of thederivative film.

“Ceci n’est pas un mesage(This is not a message)”

“My 13th Street”

“I have a nightmare