Regina Pessoa


The festival shows in its official Panoramic Kids section: Tio Tomás [2019].

Regina Pessoa [Coimbra Portugal, 1969] holds a painting degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, 1998. In 1992 she starts working in animation: – Animation, in the film “The Outlaws”, by Abi Feijó, 92/93 – Animation and graphic research in the film “Fado Lusitano”, 94/95 – Sand animation in the film “Stowaway”, by Abi Feijó, 2000. In 1996 she starts directing. Her films obtained a vast recognition, winning countless awards and becoming inescapable references. All her films are in the Portuguese National Cinema Plan, being studied by children and young people in Schools in Portugal. In 2016 became Senior Lecturer at FILMAKADEMIE – Germany. In 2018 became member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.