Ricardo Muñoz


He is part of the collective exhibition L’ALTRE UBIC. MIGRACIONS DEL COS FRAGMENTAT, with the project Inside Outside.

He is currently an associate resident of Umbert Rock Arts Factory, tutored by Joan Fontcuberta. He has studied at the Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira. Universidad de bolas, Brazil. National internships of the Ministry of Culture of Colombia under the tutorial of Juan Mejía and Maria Isabel rueda. Director of the artistic residence La Cuenca Pereira. Ricardo has succeeded in building a characteristic language of broad remembrance. The results of his work oscillate between eschatology, violence, sacred, erotic crudity and autobiography to propose a particular surrealism.
Postulating a singular working methodology, Muñoz explores different techniques without exhausting each one’s achievements. His projects range from urban art to sound experimentation, from drawing to animation, from painting to sculpture, from performance to art direction; and vice versa.
He has been interested in exploring associations between graphic languages ​​with a strong anecdotal charge from humor, cynicism and allegorical deformation.