Teemu Mäki


He is part of the collective exhibition  L’ALTRE UBIC. MIGRACIONS DEL COS FRAGMENTAT, with the project How Many Genders Are There?

TEEMU MÄKI is an artist, writer, theatre/film director and researcher, based in Helsinki (Doctor of Fine Arts, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts 2005).
Since 1990 he has been an independent, freelancing artist, except for the years 2008–2013, when he was the Professor of Fine Arts in Aalto University.  He is also active in artistic research as a researcher, teacher and theorist. He is also the chairperson of the Artists’ Association of Finland.
Mäki describes his work like this: I work in the fields of art, philosophy and politics by whatever means necessary. The results are usually some kind of visual art, literature, theatre, film or theory. To me art is the most flexible, versatile and holistic form of philosophy and politics.
Mäki has had 57 solo exhibitions, participated in more than 200 group shows, written eight books and directed and written numerous theatre plays, films and operas.