Panoràmic is the festival that explores the relationship between cinema, photography and new forms of images, and promotes and encourages the search for new languages and audiovisual narratives. It was born with the vocation of doing critical pedagogy of the image aimed at an audience increasingly immersed in visual environments and therefore with a will to serve.

Panoràmic proposes a space of knowledge and reflection between the still image and the moving image. And it does so by deploying all areas where the image is presented to us, that is, through feature and short film projections, video, video installations, video games, mappings, exhibitions, workshops, conferences, workshops, TV, installation, Archives, bibliography, photobooks or interactive projects, among others.

Since the first edition, ideas and concepts have been developed such as “photo-fixed” with Film Still (2017), the revolt with 68 The Whole world is watching (2018), the space with L’Última Thule the conquest of the space (2019), the transitions of intimacy with Extimacy. Public – Privat – Secret (2020) and Incertesa-Atzar-Predicció (2021)

Panoràmic is consolidating itself as a reference festival for culture that is shown through the visual arts expanded into multiple forms and creative processes. Thus, from education and training, from reflection and dialogue, from transversality and hybridization, from creativity and learning, from the commitment to contemporary and plural culture, Panoràmic wants to become a benchmark in cities and the country.

The Panoràmic festival is directed by Joan Fontcuberta, Laia Casanova and Albert Gusi, and has an advisory team made up of Andrés Hispano, Mercè Alsina and Fèlix Pérez-Hita.

Throughout the five editions they have passed through the Festival and the work of artists such as Erwin Wurm, Weronika Gesicka, Israel Ariño, Clara Gassull, Julie Freeman, María Cañas, Carles Barba, Joachim Smichd, John Akomfrah, Dina has been shown. Kelberman, Jonathan Brown, Albert Serra, Roberto Huarcaya, Clement Cheroux, Antoine d’Agata, Itziar Okariz, Isaki Lacuesta, Pere Portabella, José Luís Guerin, William Klein, Sophie Calle, Laia Abril, Martin Arnold, Jorge Furtado, Harun Farocki, David Lynch, Sylvie Bussieres, Eugènia Balcells, Chris Marker, Pilar Rosado, Marcelo Brodsky, Simon Menner, Mireia Sallarès, Kurt Caviezel, Verónica Fieiras, Cabosanroque, Jordi Borràs, Ventura Pons, Cristina Núñez, Lurdes Basolí, Daniel G. Andujar, Manel Armengol, Alicia Kopf, Silvia Isach and Roger Subirana, Marcel • lí Antúnez, Frederic Amat, Cristina De Middel and Martin Parr to name a few.

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